10% My Child

Uri Bar-on1h 26mIsraelHebrew World Cinema Features
Franny is 7 years old. Franny's mother's new boyfriend is 26 year old Nico.To be with Franny's Mom, Nico has to win Franny's heart. Nico is trying to be a film maker but couldn't even finish his graduation film. The first time they meet, Franny finds Nico in her mother's bed. From that moment on, Nico and Franny need to find a way to get along, love and hate each other. Mostly they do all three in the same frame.

A Space Program

Van Neistat1h 12mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
The artist Tom Sachs and his team of bricoleurs build a handmade space program and send two female astronauts to Mars.


Mirjam Orthen57mGermanyEnglish World Cinema Features
Istanbul. A longing young woman visits the man she has left behind in the city that keeps the secret of her life. The delicate reapproach is disturbed by his unconventional friend who shows unique skills of winning her over. While she embarks on a passionate love affair she suddenly finds herself confronted with the themes she's been trying to break free from all her life.

Almost There

Dan Rybicky1h 33mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Features
Kartemquin Films' ALMOST THERE is a coming-of-(old)-age story about Peter Anton, an elderly 'outsider' artist living in at-risk conditions whose world changes (and maybe not all for the better) when he's discovered by two filmmakers. Shot over eight years, ALMOST THERE documents Anton's first major art exhibition and how the controversy it generates forces him to leave his childhood home. By highlighting the people in Anton's community compelled to help this hilarious and heartbreaking character survive, ALMOST THERE explores the intersections of social norms, elder care, and artistic expression.

Animation Nation

Get animated with this collection of colorful shorts.

In this Program
Jack Dunphy5mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Day 40
Sol Friedman5mCanadaEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Palm Rot
Ryan Gillis8mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Amanda Strong10mCanadaEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Tik Tak (Tick Tock)
Zeynep Koçak10mTurkeyTurkish (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
World of Tomorrow
Don Hertzfeldt17mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Claire & The Keys
John Ludwick20mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit
Jeffrey Morris14mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts

Animation Workshop

Mistress America

Noah Baumbach1h 26mUSAEnglish Special Presentation
In MISTRESS AMERICA, Tracy (Lola Kirke) is a lonely college freshman in New York, having neither the exciting university experience nor the glamorous metropolitan lifestyle she envisioned. But when she is taken in by her soon-to-be stepsister, Brooke (Greta Gerwig) – a resident of Times Square and adventurous gal about town – she is rescued from her disappointment and seduced by Brooke’s alluringly mad schemes.

Best of American Spectrum

Our award winners for best American Spectrum short and feature.

In this Program
Night Owls
Charles Hood1h 34mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
The Answers
Michael Goode8mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts

Best of Matter of Fact

Our award winners for best Matter of Fact short and feature will be announced at our awards ceremony Saturday, July 18.

In this Program
For Grace
Mark Helenowski & Kevin Pang1h 33mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
Elgin Park
Danny Yourd10mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts

Best of World Cinema

Our award winners for best World Cinema short and feature.

In this Program
François Delisle1h 36mCanadaFrench (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
Bär (Bear)
Pascal Flörks9mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts


Simone Catharina Gaul1h 4mGermanyFrench (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
Bintou is from Burkina Faso and loves to lead a modern lifestyle. She dreams of becoming a famous dressmaker.

Blood, Sweat, and Beer

Chip Hiden1h 11mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
A documentary exploring the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the struggles of two start-up breweries.

Brewer's Brunch

Love films? Love beer? You won’t want to miss this event. Join us for an exclusive brunch before the Sunday screening of Blood, Sweat, and Beer. You’ll enjoy a delicious meal from Duos, meet brewers and hang out with the filmmakers behind this one-of-a-kind craft beer documentary before a screening of the film. Tickets for this event are $35 and will go quickly. Stop by the box office to scoop them up!


Rosa Friedrich1h 30mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
BUSCHOW is the story about a relationship. It's an ideal relationship, that's shit. Two people in their mid-twenties are on vacation in a summer cottage in the woods. They don't understand each other's feelings, so they try to speak, about models of loving, about themselves, about love. Yet their different languages don't really allow them to meet, it's only through play that they can come together. Garden, house, and forest are the playground for their fairytale.


François Delisle1h 36mCanadaFrench (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
A separate couple meet again after ten years when we found the body of their missing son. During their forced reunion, they both handle the death of their child in their own way. Amid the guilt of losing a loved one, they haltingly move toward affirmation of life, acceptance of death and even the possibility of reconciliation. Chorus is a love story that emerges from mourning and leads to two survivors clinging to each other as if to heal the deepest cut of all.


John Klein1h 40mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Features
Set decades after a bio-terrorist attack unleashes a virus upon the world, transforming much of humanity into vicious creatures and laying waste to civilization, Chrysalis follows Josh and Penelope, two survivors who have banded together in the hope of rescuing others and rebuilding civilization.


Frank Hall Green1h 38mUSAEnglish Special Presentation
Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent by her struggling mother to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. Although Uncle seems like a supportive caretaker and friend, the relationship turns and Mackenzie is forced to run. Trying to make her way back to Seattle alone to find her absent mother, Mackenzie only winds up deeper in the Alaskan interior. Lost and with no one else to turn to, she shadows a loner backpacker, Bartlett, an unlikely father figure with scars of his own. Together, they cross the wilderness and discover sanctuary in the last frontier.

Crime & Punishment

Stories about difficult times, doin' time, and breaking free.

In this Program
Reinaldo Marcus Green9mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Broken Badge
Justin Liberman12mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
The Dean's List
Denis Hennelly15mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Good Right
Anita Blumer16mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
First Degree
Roger Weisberg25mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Paulina Skibińska15mPolandno dialog (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts

Crocodile Gennadiy

Steve Hoover1h 36mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
Gennadiy calls himself 'Pastor Crocodile.' He's know throughout Ukraine for his years working to rehabilitate drug addicted kids. But he's also a vigilante who uses any force necessary to carry out his moral vision. Gennadiy believes he has made Mariupol a better place, but now, the violence in Ukraine threatens everything.

Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck

Olympia Stone1h 8mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck:An intimate portrait of the most accomplished American artist you've never heard of, working in a genre all his own

Desperately Seeking Laughs

Sit in the dark and don't be afraid to laugh out loud.

In this Program
Open 24 Hours
Henry Chaisson7mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
The Answers
Michael Goode8mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
You Have A Problem
Lena Tsodykovskaya9mUSARussian (English Subtitles)American Spectrum Shorts
This Dynamic Opportunity
Matt Mays9mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Bär (Bear)
Pascal Flörks9mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Tim Marshall12mGBEnglish World Cinema Shorts
The Gift
Stu Weiner16mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Oh Lucy!
Atsuko Hirayanagi22mJapanJapanese, English (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts

Dirty Beautiful

Tim Bartell1h 35mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
A lonely artist brings a young, drifter woman back to his tiny apartment to live with him. Between his obsessive tendencies and her non-stop drinking, something strange happens. They start to care for each other.

Family Friendly Shorts

In this Program
Claire & The Keys
John Ludwick20mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
That Bites!: a Documentary About Food Allergies Made by a 12 year old Boy
Jack Graydon Yonover44mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts

Filmmaker Mixer

Kickstarter backers get to mingle with the filmmakers they helped bring to the 2015 Indy Film Fest.

For Grace

Mark Helenowski & Kevin Pang1h 33mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
Curtis Duffy, one of the country's most renowned chefs, is building his dream restaurant at the worst time of his personal life. Already the recipient of two coveted stars from the Michelin Guide, Duffy has ambitions for his Chicago restaurant Grace to become the best in the country. But his laser focus on his cooking career cost Duffy his marriage and two young daughters. 'For Grace' follows the building of Grace from concrete box to its opening night. It's a story about food, family, balance and sacrifice. It also revisits Duffy's turbulent childhood -- How a teacher recognized talent in a troubled teenager, how an unimaginable family tragedy made Duffy seek refuge in the kitchen, and how cooking ultimately exacted a price.

Forced Perspective

Nick Cavalier1h 37mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
'Forced Perspective' is an intimate portrait of iconic Cleveland artist Derek Hess by filmmaker Nick Cavalier. The film is a journey through Derek's struggle with alcoholism and bipolar and how these demons effect the artwork, presenting a voyeur into Derek's personal life, revealing his process and philosophy. This film showcases the evolution of a celebrated artist, his effect on music and culture while highlighting the link between creativity and mental illness.

Forever Into Space

Greg W. Locke1h 50mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
Set in modern day New York City, we follow a group of millennials as they attempt - with little success - to make a life in an unforgiving, ever-changing city.

Funny Bunny

Alison Bagnall1h 25mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
Funny Bunny is a serious comedy about a hapless anti-childhood obesity crusader and a maternally neglected trustfunder who bond as they vie for the heart of a troubled animal activist

Hoosier Reels

Shorts that were grown, filmed, dreamed, or situated here.

In this Program
Sweet Talk
Nell Teare11mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
What's Eating Dad?
Michael Goldburg11mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
The Thin Brothers Visit Room 213
Matthew Levandoski17mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Dog Bowl
Gordy Hoffman, Julie Gribble20mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
동심 (One-Minded)
Forest Ian Etsler, Sebastien Simon21mSouth KoreaKorean Hoosier Lens Shorts
Darren Dean8mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts

Ills & Pills

Finding meaningful stories in the final moments of a life.

In this Program
Jon Ryan Sugimoto9mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Roberto Santaguida11mSerbiaEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Let Be
Matt Boatright-Simon16mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Que La Nuit Soit Douce
Frédéric Recrosio6mSwitzerlandFrench (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
That Bites!: a Documentary About Food Allergies Made by a 12 year old Boy
Jack Graydon Yonover44mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts


Alain Choquart2h 10mBelgiumEnglish, French, Southern Sotho (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
A few days in the lives of several characters from different horizons happening to live in the small town of Ladygrey at the foot of the Drakensberg, South Africa. Nature through its physical splendor, and History, through its dark and happier moments, are the bonds uniting them.

Libido Lessons

Tales of getting lost in lust.

In this Program
Prends-moi (Take Me)
Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, André Turpin11mCanadaFrench (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Fangso Liu15mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Jeanette Wagner15mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Martin Edralin15mCanadaEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Tom in America
Flavio Alves17mBrazilEnglish (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Ameisenpakt (Ants Pact)
Benjamin Martins20mGermanyGerman (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts

Looking for Treble

Get lost in the swell of the song.

In this Program
Devil May Care
Volker Heymann3mGermanyEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Silence Behind The Sound
Robert Windisch28mGermanyEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Spent A Year There One Knite
Stu Gilbert44mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts

Love Me Anyway

Ryan Balas1h 14mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
Love Me Anyway is a sun soaked drama about a filmmaker in love with a surfer, and a young wife exploring the greener grass of an extramarital affair with another woman.

Love is a Battlefield

Messy lives, tricky hearts, and learning how to heal.

In this Program
The Anniversary
Henry Chaisson8mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Sad Dad
Sean Lewis, Kaitlyn Busbee20mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Letmunat Ima (The Way Things Are)
Guy Nemesh28mIsraelHebrew (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
הביקור (The Visit)
Inbar Horesh27mIsraelHebrew (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts

Morphine Journey of Dreams

Mark Shuman1h 34mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Features
In 'Morphine: Journey of Dreams,' the story of the iconic genre-busting 1990s 'Low Rock' band Morphine is told by its surviving members and the coterie around them, sans narration, and made palpable through saxophonist Dana Colley's tour journals. Rare live performances from throughout the group's career woven into the tale display why the trio's unique and mesmeric sound continues to resonate with its fans and music lovers worldwide following the death of its singer, songwriter and two-string bassist Mark Sandman onstage at an Italian music festival in 1999. It's an artfully-delivered document of this peerless musical act's compelling career and life together and their resonant musical creativity that doesn't just get behind but rather inside the music and the soul of of the band.

Night Owls

Charles Hood1h 34mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
After workaholic Kevin has a drunken one night stand with the beautiful train-wreck Madeline, he's horrified to discover she's actually his boss' jilted mistress. When she takes a bottle of sleeping pills, Kevin has to keep her awake...and over the course of the night they begin to fall for each other.


Simon Dolensky53mBangladeshBengali (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
Din and his family live in a small village several hours from the port city of Chittagong away. To feed his family, he and his close friend Amin head off to search around the city for work. After a long and disappointing day at work they stroll around the darker parts of the city. Looking for a place to sleep. When they decide to sleep in an empty cargo container, they committing a serious mistake which take them farther away from home as they had ever dreamed of. The next morning the doors of the container are closed and they are on a journey into an uncertain future.

O Primeiro Verão (The First Summer)

Adriano Mendes1h 45mPortugalPortuguese (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
Isabel and Miguel meet during a driving lesson. They start hanging out and end up spending the summer together. In Autumn, he travels to visit his family, while she stays and takes care of his dog. When he returns their love for each other will be tested.

One Day in April

Thomas Miller1h 30mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Features
'One Day in April' follows four teams of college cyclists as they prepare for the Indiana University Little 500, a grueling bicycle race held each year in Bloomington, Ind. 'One Day in April' tells the story behind the race - how the riders spend months and sometimes years preparing themselves mentally and physically for one race and one shot at glory.

Sleeping With Other People

Leslye Headland 1h 35mUSAEnglish Special Presentation
From executive producer Will Farrell and director Leslye Headland comes a raunchy tale of love and sex in the modern age SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, the follow-up to last year's breakout success Bachelorette. After losing their virginity to each other over a wild one-night stand in college, Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) freak out and go their separate ways. Randomly crossing paths years later, they realize their debaucherous night has had drastic effects on their respective sex lives: Jake is now a scheming womanizer (which sometimes leads to him being pushed into oncoming traffic) while Lainey is forever stuck on the wrong guy (as long as the sex is good). Though they fight to keep their burning desire for one another at bay, Lainey and Jake realize that their explosive chemistry just might be both the cause of and answer to all their problems, if only they could stop sleeping with other people.
Opening Night Film SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE and Party

Stick around for our Opening Night After-party in an incredible (and secret) venue at the IMA. Trust us, you’re going to love it! Our opening night screening and after-party are generously sponsored by our friends at Just Pop In! and IFC Films.

Peanut Gallery

Molly Gandour1h 33mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Features
Sixteen years after her sister's death from cancer, filmmaker Molly Gandour wants answers from her parents.

Portrait of an Artist

Zoom in and hang out with some unique characters.

In this Program
Your Catfish Friend: Philip Campbell
Kurt Nettleton18mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano
Joshua Seftel27mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Abandoned Goods
Edward Lawrenson, Pia Borg36mGBEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts

Ruthless Pursuits

Curiosities, passions, and the ruthless pursuits that define us.

In this Program
A Stone's Pace
Tucker Gragg9mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Zero Recognition
Ben Lewis10mCanadaEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Zack Schamberg13mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
The Bad Boy of Bowling
Bryan Storkel18mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Resurrection of a Barn
Freddi Stevens-Jacobi23mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Mike Forshaw15mGBEnglish World Cinema Shorts

Shaun the Sheep

Mark Burton 1h 30mGBEnglish World Cinema Features
When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan, and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it's up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.

Somewhere In The Middle

Lanre Olabisi1h 30mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
Four lovers collide into each others' lives as one marriage morphs into several intertwining affairs. SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE was born out of a year long improvisational process in which the actors and director mutually crafted an ensemble drama. Structured like a jigsaw puzzle, no character fully grasps their current dilemma as interwoven stories are retold from varying viewpoints.

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

Kris Elgstrand1h 20mCanadaEnglish World Cinema Features
Carol discovers how to lose friends and alienate people when she starts singing songs she wrote about people she knows.

Spomenik Majklu Dzeksonu (Monument to Michael Jackson)

Darko Lungulov1h 35mCroatiaSerbian (English Subtitles)World Cinema Features
In a dying town in Serbia daydreamer Marko is on the verge of divorce from the love of his life, Ljubinka. When an old communist-era monument is removed from the Main Square, he comes up with the idea to build a monument to Michael Jackson in order to save his town and seduce his wife again. But the town's mayor has his own plans.

Strangers in a Strange Land

Different people, trying to do things differently.

In this Program
Christophe M. Saber12mSwitzerlandFrench, German, Arabic, Italian (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Geschützter Raum (Safe Space)
Zora Rux13mGermanyFrench, English, German (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
La contre-allée (Back Alley)
Cécile Ducrocq29mFranceFrench (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
A Promised Rose Garden
Lisa Violetta Gaß33mGermanyVietnamese (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts


Sean Baker1h 28mUSAEnglish Special Presentation
It’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Sin-Dee (newcomer Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) is back on the block. Upon hearing that her pimp boyfriend (James Ransone, STARLET, “Generation Kill”) hasn’t been faithful during the 28 days she was locked up, the working girl and her best friend, Alexandra (newcomer Mya Taylor), embark on a mission to get to the bottom of the scandalous rumor. Their rip-roaring odyssey leads them through various subcultures of Los Angeles, including an Armenian family dealing with their own repercussions of infidelity. Director Sean Baker's prior films (STARLET, PRINCE OF BROADWAY) brought rich texture and intimate detail to worlds seldom seen on film. TANGERINE follows suit, bursting off the screen with energy and style. A decidedly modern Christmas tale told on the streets of L.A., TANGERINE defies expectation at every turn.

The Doc Block

The doc is in, and ready to see you now.

In this Program
Making it in America
Joris Debeij9mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Elgin Park
Danny Yourd10mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Adam Roffman, Luke Poling14mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Anatomy Of 'Anatomy'
David C Jones45mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts

The Goob

Guy Myhill1h 25mGBEnglish World Cinema Features
THE GOOB combines dirty roar of stock car thunder with the visceral vision of a teenage boy's first love.

The Long Goodbye

Endings are never easy, but they're interesting to watch.

In this Program
Sonnet 134
Edward Shieh3mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Tumble Dry Low
Jefferson Stein7mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts
Βόλτα (Volta)
Stella Kyriakopoulos12mGreeceGreek (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Primavera (Spring)
Tania Claudia Castillo16mMexicoSpanish (English Subtitles)World Cinema Shorts
Big World
Stephen Cervantes17mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts
Giap’s Last Day At The Ironing Board Factory
Tony Nguyen26mUSAEnglish Hoosier Lens Shorts

The Strongest Man

Kenny Riches 1h 38mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
Beef thinks he's the strongest man in the world. But when his precious golden BMX bike is stolen, he must battle demons and find his spirit animal to recover it.


Kris Swanberg1h 30mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
When Samantha Abbott begins her final semester teaching science at a Chicago high school, she faces some unexpected news: She’s pregnant. Soon after, Samantha learns that one of her favorite students, Jasmine, has landed in a similar situation. “Unexpected” follows the two women as they embark on an unlikely friendship.

War Torn

Shorts from the trenches of life's battlefields.

In this Program
Skyler Lawson20mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Features
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution
Matthew VanDyke15mUSAEnglish Matter of Fact Shorts
Bad Blood
Rialda Zukic25mUSAEnglish World Cinema Shorts
Oceanus: Act One
Jeffrey Morris34mUSAEnglish American Spectrum Shorts