Directed By
Darren Dean
Hoosier Lens Shorts


In the deep south, a mysterious young girl from Africa arrives in a diner looking for sanctuary. She is quickly set upon by the local flavor, not embracing ‘her kind.’ Displaying little more than apathy, the waitress is happy to leave her to the wolves when a country bumpkin arrives looking for our heroine. As he begins to interrogate her about where she ‘got to’ the night before – an evening that he and his best friend abducted her with ill intent. As he presses her for answers, mystical events begin to take shape: The waitress becomes… Less active; His best friend’s truck rolls by – without a driver. As things heat up between the two, the would-be rapist and white supremacist suddenly understands that he is but a pebble in the wake of the young woman whose mystical abilities he has forced to awaken. She has her way with them all – as they would have with her.

In the Hoosier Reels program.

Saturday, July 18 at 5:00PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA) Thursday, July 23 at 9:00PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA)