Directed By
Lanre Olabisi
American Spectrum Features

Somewhere In The Middle

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE was born out of a year long improvisational process wherein the actors and director mutually crafted a time-fragmented, ensemble drama. Structured like a jigsaw puzzle, no character fully grasps their current dilemma as three interwoven stories are retold from varying viewpoints. Sofia’s life is a mess. Bad relationships. Dwindling job prospects. But a chance encounter at a bookstore convinces her that she’s met the love of her life in Kofi — a handsome, but immature office manager. Kofi, however, has other things on his mind. Namely, his crumbling marriage to his demanding wife, Billie, who is herself struggling with a new-found attraction for her female co-worker, Alex. In an instant, events that seem true suddenly turn upside down.As secrets and lies surface, each layer of the love quadrangle is slowly peeled away, leaving everyone to cope with the ripple effects of love, obsession, sexuality and ultimately self-discovery.

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at IMAX (Indiana State Museum) at The Toby (IMA)