Directed By
Mike Forshaw
World Cinema Shorts


LIAM returns home bloody-nosed from a football match that has got out of control and encounters a scene of parental distress. His Dad has been crying, while his Mum is white with shock and anxious to embrace him. The narrative returns to the beginning of that day. LIAM's older brother (MARK) searches for his Liverpool shirt, while his friends wait in a car to take him to the FA Cup Semi-Final match in Sheffield. MARK's search is in vain. LIAM has secretly hidden the shirt so he can wear it himself later. As news of the Hillsborough stadium disaster filters through to his parents, LIAM is accidentally hurt whilst playing football. Blood spills from his nose, on to his brother's shirt. Not realising he is hurt LIAM'S friends innocently 'pile' on top of him, and the resulting heap of bodies parallels the fatal crush MARK is experiencing at the stadium.

In the Ruthless Pursuits program.

Sunday, July 19 at 1:15PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA) Friday, July 24 at 11:00AM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA)