Directed By
Greg W. Locke
American Spectrum Features

Forever Into Space

Kelly Sebastian plays Audrey Harrington, an over-educated and underemployed twenty-something film blogger attempting to make sense of the times while living in New York City during a period of societal change and cultural shifts. As she finds her way we meet her city family, a group of similarly disillusioned and sometimes entitled – young adults dealing with challenges of their own. This anti-coming-of-age, no-budget second feature film from New York City writer/director Greg W. Locke takes a cinema verite-inspired aim on a recession-era generation struggling to find their place in society. Established in his first feature film (documentary Holler and the Moan), Locke’s gritty style pairs high contrast black and white cinematography with patient, real-to-life dialogue. A fitting match for his unconventional narrative, Forever Into Space.

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at DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA) at DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA)