Directed By
Matt Boatright-Simon
Hoosier Lens Shorts

Let Be

Dying is scary. It’s lonely. It’s terrible. But what if it weren’t? What if it were… beautiful? Life is short. For Phil, though, he only has a few more weeks because of the golf-ball sized tumor in his brain. He’s just found out. So he leaves town with his new woman to run escape his problems. But the more they fall in love, the more pressure builds to tell her everything. But she has a magnificent secret of her own. ‘Let Be’ is the an elegant and beautiful story of one man’s journey into death.

In the Ills & Pills program.

Monday, July 20 at 9:00PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA) Wednesday, July 22 at 1:30PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA)