Directed By
Inbar Horesh
Hebrew (English Subtitles)
World Cinema Shorts

הביקור (The Visit)

Hagar comes to visit her father who lives in a nursing home in Jerusalem. Unable to deal with his condition she looks at him and turns away, but a series of incidents forces her to spend the day in the building. First a mishap which makes her change her clothes, then an old woman stuck with her wheelchair in the hallway and then the head nurse that thinks Hagar is a Russian caretaker. She gets swallowed up in the work and slowly becomes part of the staff. The short visit turns into a journey between the narrow corridors of society.

In the Love is a Battlefield program.

Friday, July 17 at 11:00AM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA) Tuesday, July 21 at 4:00PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA)