Directed By
Uri Bar-on
World Cinema Features

10% My Child

The first time that Nico and Franny met they gave each other quite a fright, and Nico even escaped through Franny’s parents’ bedroom window. Nico was twenty six at the time, and Franny was seven. A few months later, when Franny’s parents Noa and Amnon decide to separate for a trial year, Nico and Franny have no choice but to tolerate one another. Franny thinks Nico will kidnap her mother and Nico thinks that Franny is getting in the way of him loving Noa. Having no other choice, Nico tries to become Franny’s friend. He understands that if he wants to be with Noa, he has to find a way to get along with Franny. This is no easy task. Amnon, Franny’s father,tells her over and over again how he’s sad that Nico is taking his place, and Franny feels that if she’ll like Nico, she’ll be betraying her father. Franny is a brilliant child. She is innocent and childish but smart and precocious. She has an answer to every question, whether she is asked it or not. She is willful and stands her ground. The more their relationship develops, the more Nico loves her. Little by little, they build a world of their own with its own rules, inside jokes and a secret handshake.

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at The Toby (IMA) at The Toby (IMA)