Directed By
Lisa Violetta Gaß
Vietnamese (English Subtitles)
World Cinema Shorts

A Promised Rose Garden

At the cost of each other two Vietnamese couples in Berlin are searching for support, comfort and above all, a home. The Vietnamese Bien and Thien have illegally come to Berlin and have come into hiding at their older relatives Nga and Nam. They are willing to live in total submissiveness for work and apparent safety. While Bien takes care of Nga who is agitated from homesickness Nam forces Thien to sell cigarettes on the black market. Fierce fights about territories between the cigarette dealers and the erratic outbursts of Nga unsettle both their lives. Secretly they try to build up their own livelihood but that inevitably leads to the escalation of the conflicts between both couples.

In the Strangers in a Strange Land program.

Monday, July 20 at 4:00PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA) Thursday, July 23 at 11:00AM in DeBoest Lecture Hall (IMA)