48 Hour Film Project - Group B

What kind of film could you create if you were given 48 hours, a character, a prop, and a single line of dialogue? Immediately following our 48 Hour Film Project screenings we’ll award this year’s winners.

5 After 5 Productions - Fractured
Blue September Films - The Cakeicide
Buffoonery Films - Snap
Fair Creek Films - Us and Them
Introverse Productions - A Hazy Tune
Manmauji Films - Record Breaker
Midlife Crisis - WTF
Mutant Geek Videos - God is a Dude
Short Bus Talking Pictures - The Lady’s Bro
Swag Chef Chef - Handy Andy #2
T2 Productions - Kraxos
Team Dharma - Infectus
The Randoms - Brushing it Off
The Tribe - Social Bonding
Why April? - Association for Sheep Safety


at The Toby at Newfields