Directed By
Dean Peterson
American Spectrum Features

What Children Do

In the years since sisters Amy and Shannon were little kids you would expect their relationship to have matured. You’d be wrong.

Amy is a failed actress in LA, penniless and miserable, pulling 25 hours a week at a frozen yogurt shop to make ends meet and desperately trying to maintain the illusion of success. Her younger sister Shannon lives a stiflingly quiet life as a librarian in a small town where she co-habitates with her boyfriend Pat, a lovable goof who's constantly cobbling together homespun workout routines. 

Both sisters return to their small hometown in upstate New York when they find out that their grandmother "Nana" is on the brink of death. They haven’t spoken in three years and must attempt to put aside their differences and take care of Nana in her final days. While back at home they encounter old flames, over zealous pastors, and overdue DVDs while attempting to repair their feral relationship and come to terms with the town they grew up in.

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