Directed By
Sebastian Karl Mayr
German (English Subtitles)
World Cinema Features

Die Hochzeit (The Wedding)

Mark, an unemployed photographer around 30 living in Vienna, comes back home to the countryside for his sister’s wedding. While his older brothers are both married, have steady jobs and children, Mark is still working as a waiter, waiting for his big breakthrough. As usual on family events, everybody keeps asking uncomfortable questions, Mark answers more or less patiently. Already feeling out of place, Mark sees his recent ex-girlfriend Olivia - with her new boyfriend. The event continues with the usual rituals, food and an elevated amount of alcohol, when Mark decides to take his chance with Olivia, who tells him she’s pregnant. Disillusioned Mark gets seriously drunk. On the next day he wakes up alone in the castle where the wedding took place. He walks on home where the whole family is having breakfast in the garden. His oldest brother Jonas acts as usual, insensitive and trying to substitute the absent father. Mark tells him what he and everybody thinks about him and that he should stop acting this way – and leaves the table.

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