48 Hour Film Project: Group A

What kind of film could you create if you were given 48 hours, a character, a prop, and a single line of dialouge? And who would be crazy enough to take on the task? Come find out as we screen films from this year's 48 Hour Film Project.

Teams screening during this block:

Buffoonery Films - Sync or Swim
Faded Fisticuffs - Indemnify
Herbert Brothers - The Fourth Degree
In Cahoots - The Plumber
Introverse Productions - Some Things Don’t Wash Out
JELCC - Filicide
Open Eye Productions - Fitting In
Outtatime Films - Love, Mom
Team Number 1 - Tom’s Big Day
The Collective Brain - The Tornado
Thomas Films - Madigan
Ton Rehtar - Chronesthesia


at The Toby