Directed By
A.D. Oppenheim
Documentary Features

Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland

The documentary film 'Dreamland: Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem' retraces Twain's journey to Europe and to Israel. Through never before seen letters and notebooks, we follow the adventure Twain took in 1867 aboard the Quaker City, the world's first pleasure cruise to the Holy Land. The film includes not only the first moving pictures ever shot of Jerusalem, but also the only footage of Twain in existence. As we follow Twain on his journey we will reveal his passion for the Bibleand his ambivalence towards his religion, as well as his disillusion with the romanticism portrayed of the Holy Land. Through Twain's shrewd and candid observations we‘ll gain a look into his conviction about the importance of exploring unknown territory. With an unblinking eye, sharp wit, and a uniquely American voice, Mark Twain paints an original portrait of the Holy Land.

In the Best of Documentary program.

Sunday, July 23 at 4:30PM in The Toby

In the Mark Twain's Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland program.

Sunday, July 16 at 1:45PM in The Toby Wednesday, July 19 at 7:15PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall


  • 2017 Indy Film Fest, Documentary, Feature