Directed By
Benjamin Weill
French (English Subtitles)
World Cinema Feature

West Coast

Four inseparable teenagers in a small town in Brittany ( France). As lifelong fans of the West Coast, they think they are real gangstas. Together as a “gang”, they are invincible, respected, fearless and nothing can reach them, certainly not the teasing and contempt of their fellow classmates. So when Fle-O, the leader of this merry gang learns that he has to leave his town and his friends at the end of the year, his whole world falls apart leaving him vulnerable when the most popular kid in school decides to make fun of them in front of everyone. Humiliated, our protagonists decide to take their revenge through one last expedition together that will lead them further than they would have imagined. Through incongruous situations and successive meetings, they will grow and learn.

In the Best of World Cinema program.

Sunday, July 24 at 11:00AM in The Toby

In the West Coast program.

Friday, July 15 at 6:45PM in The Toby Thursday, July 21 at 5:00PM in The Toby


  • 2016 Indy Film Fest, World Cinema, Feature
  • 2016 Indy Film Fest, Grand Jury Award