Directed By
Shahram Shah Hosseini
Persian (English Subtitles)
World Cinema Feature

The Girl's House (Khaneye Dokhtar)

Tomorrow is Samira's wedding ceremony and Bahar and Parisa are shopping excitedly. But at night somebody calls and tells them that the bride is dead and the wedding has been called off. They are both so shocked and they cannot believe what they have heard, so they go straight to their friend's fiancé, Mansoor, to find out about her suspicious cause of death. Mansoor seems extremely sad and claims he doesn't have a clue. But eventually they find out that his family has tricked Samira into seeing a doctor and having a "virginity test". When Samira realizes what is all about, she makes a tragic decision.

Sunday, July 17 at 11:30AM in The Toby Friday, July 22 at 3:15PM in The Toby