Directed By
Arthur Franck
English, Finnish (English Subtitles)
Documentary Short

I Am Walker

In 1987 Andrew Krasne, a struggling drug addict, decided to leave New York and go on an adventure. He ended up in Finland where his life took an unexpected turn when he was cast as the leading role in a ambitious TV production called Walker. What followed was fame, money, parties, women and, ultimately, confusion and disappointment. As an American celebrity in the late eighties Helsinki, Andrew stood out like a sore thumb, and he struggled with the way he was perceived and treated by the locals. Now, 25 years later, Andrew revisits the story of Walker and the consequences of that chapter of his life. He rewrites the story of the character that was initially based on himself, and challenges the conventions of reality and performance, in a schizophrenic exploration into the core of his identity.

In the Giggle Fits program.

Saturday, July 16 at 3:30PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall Wednesday, July 20 at 1:30PM in DeBoest Lecture Hall